This section of the site is regarding the issues around flooding in the area. C&LFLAG stands for Crickhowell and Llangattock Flood Liaison Action Group.

Local flooding at the bottom of Bridge Street and New Road is a regular occurance, the Bridge End and the garage on New Road suffering by far the worst of it. It happens when the river level gets up above circa 3.5 meters because the flap gate at the end of the surface water drains closes. On New Road the surface water then builds up behind the flap gate and spills out in a number of ways. On Bridge Street the surface water drains simply cannot escape into the river.

By far the bigger issue is what took place last February 16th 2020. This devastating flood affected many properties, threatened lives and caused massive damage.

C&LFLAG has been established as a forum for those affected by flooding in the area to lobby for better protection and support.

The information on this site is open for all but the forum is for members only.