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Save Our High Street

Crickhowell High Street was named the best High Street in Britain in 2018. We still think it’s the best. Thanks to the Crickhowell community who stopped a supermarket being built at the Corn Exchange.

And a BIG thanks to all our family-owned food shop frontline workers. They kept up our food supply and delivered to many self-isolating in the community all through lockdown.

This is all under threat. The Coop wants to open at the old Conservative Club. Why is this a bad idea?

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The Friends of the High Street

This pinch point on the A40 is very dangerous for large delivery lorries. They will need to pull across the A40 and try to reverse up the narrow private road by the site. See the shocking video

Children from the school will be tempted to rush across the busy A40 as it will be the closest retail unit to them. How long before there is a fatal accident?

Pedestrian access is terrible with pavements not wide enough to walk safely. Access for the disabled and buggies is impossible without going onto the road.

There is still time to stop it happening

We are asking everyone in Crickhowell, who cares about road safety or local family shops, to send their message of support by email.

If you want to offer funds for any future legal fees, every little will really help. All we ask for is you complete the contact form with anything you might be able to contribute.

We DO NOT want money or any financial details. We hope we won’t need any! Each pledge helps us measure local support.

All pledges are anonymous. They are just a pledge and do not bind anyone to make a payment if they do not want to.

The Coop say only 20 people objected to the proposal! Let’s show them how many really object.

Thank you in advance from the friends of the High Street

See our wonderful high street here